Harry & David Moose Munch 10 oz

Original Toffee Moose Munch with Whole Cashews and Almonds. Big taste - take snacking to a whole new level. The popcorn is lighter and fluffier. The caramel is richer and tastier - made with plenty of light golden honey and sweet cream butter. The nuts are better, too: Giant whole cashews and crispy tasty almonds, roasted to perfect crispness. We toss them together to create an irresistibly rich and buttery caramel confection that's in a league of its own. Try some and see. Since 1934, when Harry and David offered the very first gift boxes, of their delicious pears, the company has become America's leading source for great-tasting fruit and food. Today, that same tradition for uncompromising quality continues with this fine collection. Enjoy!