12 g protein. 5 g MCTS (7 g sat fat). 3 g fiber. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by OTCO. A good source of fiber over 10% of your daily recommended value of fiber (8 g of fat per serving). See nutrition information for saturated fat content. Good, clean energy. This delicious, non-dairy snack pairs well with everyday life. No junk, no funk(y) taste. Plant-powered proteins blended for both nutrition and taste. Organic coconut provides 5 g MCTs (natural coconut fat) and a deliciously smooth, non-dairy base. Our promise: Less harm. More good. Striving to reduce food waste one coconut at a time. We utilize the meat scooped from the same delicious Thai coconuts from which we extract our water. harmlessharvest.com. Learn more: harmlessharvest.com. Fair for life. Fair trade. 70% fair trade. This certification means we're serious about fair trade and social progress. Tear and toss this label. Recycle the rest. Please recycle. BPA free.