Guittard White Chocolate 1 lb

All natural couverture white chocolate wafers for baking & eating. 31% cacao. GMO free. Pure cane sugar. San Francisco's secret since 1868. Guittard Chocolate Company was founded in San Francisco in 1868 by Etienne Guittard. Four generations later, the company remains family owned and operated and is one of the few bean-to-bar chocolate makers remaining in the United States. Guittard continues the family tradition of custom-making superior quality chocolate for professional pastry chefs, artisan confectioners and gourmet ice cream makers. More recently, with the introduction of E. Guittard chocolates in specialty food retail stores, home chefs can now use these same chocolates - chocolates that top professional pastry chefs have relied upon for over a century. This French-style white chocolate has a sweet, fresh cream flavor with nutty undertones and lingering hints of citrus and vanilla. It stands alone as an extraordinarily smooth white chocolate. It's also an excellent choice for use in white chocolate frostings and other innovations such as white chocolate ice cream.