Tiger Tiger Mild Kashmiri Style Coconut Korma Simmer Sauce 10.5 oz

A rich creamy coconut sauce with our special blend of aromatic spices and herbs. Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians. Non-GMO. Unleash the taste. Great sauces take time and practice. Cooked in small batches with an inventive fusion of herbs and dry-roasted spices for a richer variety of flavors. We made them originally for a pan-Asian restaurant - until we realized we were onto something. They were way too good to keep to restaurant-goers. Now they're for everyone: exquisite look-what-I've-made-now sauces for cooks who believe that dining in is more authentic than dining out. No preservatives. Easy pour. www.tigertigerfoods.co.uk. To contact us or for recipe suggestions and information on Tiger Tiger products visit our website: www.tigertigerfoods.co.uk. BPA free. Manufactured in the U.K.