Jelly Belly Fruit Snacks

Made with 7 real fruit juices. From the makers of Jelly Belly. Natural flavors. Colors from natural sources. An excellence source of vitamin C. Naturally fat free. Naturally gluten free. Orange. Strawberry. Apple. Cherry. Lemon. Berry. Natural flavors. Jelly Belly Candy Company, famous for its gourmet jelly beans, has created a truly exceptional fruit snack your whole family will enjoy. We use real fruit juices including apple, cherry, strawberry, orange, pear, raspberry and lemon, so each fruit snack bursts with true-to-life flavor. You'll taste the difference with the first bite! 100% natural flavors. Made with 7 real fruit juices: apple juice; cherry juice; lemon juice; orange juice; pear juice; raspberry juice; strawberry juice. Take our factory tour. Product guarantee. Your Jelly Belly confection items are made of the finest food ingredients. They should reach you in excellent condition. Made in the USA.