QBel Wafers, Rolled, Covered in Chocolate, Deep Dark Chocolate

100% natural. Individually wrapped. 72% cacao content. 60 calories per roll. All natural. What's with Q? Q stands for our Quest for a Quantum leap in Quintessential Quality treats. It's also for our Quirky purple box, it's even Qute! And bel is a tribute to Isabel, whose passion for all natural indulgence inspired Q.bel. Real indulgence. Real ingredients. 60 calories each! We all know we should eat better. But get real! You're not going to stop enjoying an occasional treat. And when you do, you want it to taste great. Don't settle for natural food taste. With Q.bel treats, you can indulge with a good conscience. Be true. Be honest. Be good. We are serious about our values. No artificial flavors, color or preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No hydrogenated oils. Made in the USA.