Wild California Crisps, Fruit N' Nut, Twice Baked

A sweet, savory blend of dried fruits, pistachios, rosemary, toasted seeds, and a touch of sea salt. Includes grape seed flour. Always baked without oil for crispy, crunchy, goodness. We proudly bring you Wild California Crisps. Twice baked without oil, these tasty treats can be enjoyed at home on a platter fancied up with cheese or simply devoured right out of the bag. We invite you to run wild with how you eat and serve them. Our goal is to source 100% of our ingredients from California including our grape seed flour which is milled from the seeds of grapes after they are pressed for wine. Not only is this flour nutrient dense, but it helps save thousands of pounds of compost from making its way to the landfill. Enjoy, and keep it wild! How do you crisp? Baked. No oil. No MSG. No artificial colors or flavors. www.wildcalifornia.com.