Jelly Belly Jelly Bean 3.1 oz

Fruit punch. Mango madness. Cranberry raspberry. Pink lemonade. Kiwi strawberry. Naturally flavored. 4 calories per bean. Gluten free. A fat free food. Peanut free. The original gourmet jelly bean. Made from the best stuff on Earth. Contents sold by weight not by volume. We include real ingredients whenever possible to create our famous true - to - life flavors. Cranberries. Lemons. Raspberries cherry juice. Grape juice kiwi juice. Mango juice. Strawberry juice. Product Guarantee: Your Jelly Belly confection items should reach you in excellent condition. If not, we will replace them free of charge. Just return the unused portion of this package and tell us your reason for return, along with where and when you bought it. Facebook. Pinterest. YouTube. Instagram. Take our factory tour! Call 800-Jb-Beans (522-3267). Made in USA.