Premium Belgian chocolate. Cocoa for Schools: We are committed to chocolates that are child labour free. We believe that children should go to school and obtain an education, for better chances to come out of poverty and for a better life. By purchasing this Hageland chocolate tablet, you are supporting our school building project in the Kyela area of Tanzania. Our Cocoa for Schools initiative funds the construction of many hundreds of classrooms and also wants to distribute hundreds of thousands schoolbooks for more than 65,000 children. Chocolate tastes all the better when you can freely indulge, knowing that your happiness is shared with those communities. Read more on our website www.cocoaforschools.be or support us on www.facebook.com/cocoaforschools. Phone: 800-466-7501. Fax: 510-293-9341. www.hageland-chocolate.com. Dispose of properly. Imported from Belgium. Product of Belgium.