Southern Style Nuts Gourmet Nomadic Blend 4 oz

Honey roast peanuts, Raisins, Glazed walnuts, Cashews, Sweetened cranberries. Vegetarian. For the love of snacking. Est. 1922. Our nomadic blend is inspired by the hunters and gatherers that traveled continuously in search of seasonally available food items. While we no longer have to search relentlessly for survival, this mix is a tribute to our history, and it is a perfect snack with a variety of flavors from around the land. Many words can be used to describe Southern Style Nut - Delicious. Magnificent. Irresistible. But when it comes to producing quality products at a fair price, only one word is appropriate - unmatched. Our company was established as a simple purveyor of peanuts and has blossomed into a beloved brand known for distinctive and satisfying nut blends. Please enjoy and savor our products. For the love of snacking. No MSG. Questions? Comments? Email us at info(at) 877.463.0100. Try all of our delicious varieties. Resealable bag. Contains Product From: Cashews-India, Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana. Ivory Coast. Cranberries-U.S.A., Canada.