Righteous Felon Beef Jerky, Victorious B.I.G.

Beer. Infused. Gastronomy. Stout infused meat that's peppery & sweet. Smoke flavor added. Craft jerky. A righteous & victorious collaboration. All natural (Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients except for alcohol). US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Write your own rules. Be forewarned - within the four walls of the very bag you hold in your hands sleeps a monster. A flavor monster. The gastro-love-child of two flavor revolutionists both hailing from the fertile flavorlands of Downingtown, PA and each of whom proclaims taste and taste alone as the keystone of the human experience. Legend has it the monster was conceived on a fateful Storm King infused night at the Victory Brewpub, when a drop of Storm King Stout unbeknowingly found its way onto an unsuspecting slab of OG Hickory and knocked the socks off the tongues of all who tasted it. Others maintain that the origins of Righteous Felon was craft beer itself, and thus, Storm King Jerky wasn't created by Righteous Felon, but rather, it created them. Whatever tale you believe to be true, if indeed you possess the courage to push forward and open this bag, you will surely awaken the flavor monster and with that, its powers will be unchained and it will stop at nothing to instill upon you the one single virtue its parents bestowed upon it: whether it beer or whether it food, flavor always favors the bold. Made with Victory Wort: Victory Wort is produced by combining the finest malted barley with local brandy-wine water. This non-alcoholic and naturally sweet liquid is harvested fresh from Victory's brew kettle just before the hops and yeast are added, providing the familiar and satisfying flavors reminiscent of Victory's signature brews - without the buzz. www.RighteousFelon.com. Instagram: To enter our monthly jerky giveaway, post a picture of your jerky bag and tag us and 3 friends!!! (at)RighteousFelon. (hashtag)WriteYourOwnRules.