Serving Size Contains: 80 cal; 2 g fat (3% DV) 16 g protein (34% DV). 0 g (Not a low calorie food) sugar. Gluten free. Paleo. Sugar free. 16 g protein Per serving; Soy free. Taste the adventure. 6 Ingredients: beef, vinegar, black pepper, salt, chili powder, coriander. What is Biltong? A centuries old South African tradition of naturally air drying meat with simple ingredients. Our American Beef Biltong is thinly sliced creating a tender cross between dry-aged beef, jerky and prosciutto. Our Adventure: We traveled to South Africa to race 175 miles in an Ironman and Ultramarathon within a week. Amidst our travels we experienced the diversity of how Biltong was enjoyed, whether on the trail, a simple healthy snack, or paired with wine and cheese at a vineyard. Inspired by the unbelievable flavor, and natural process, Kalahari Biltong was born. We will never go back to jerky, and neither will you! Eatbiltong.com. Facebook: Kalaharibiltong. Instagram: Eatbiltong. (hashtag)zerosugar. (hashtag)notjerky. Made in USA.