Good Health Popcorn 3.75 oz

Good health. Natural foods. A healthy family of snacks. Pure taste natural air popped popcorn. 30 calories per cup. Gluten free. GMO free. 11 natural vitamins & minerals. 2.5 grams of fat per serving. A nutritional revolution in every kernel! Our Good Health Natural Foods Guarantee: We guarantee to use only natural, wholesome and nutritious ingredients in each and every Good Health Natural Foods product. The malt shop and the movies. In one naturally delicious snack. Our Half Naked Popcorn is blushing with pride, because now it comes in a savory, all-natural chocolate malt edition. So every mouth-watering crunch delivers the scrumptious flavor of rich cocoa. Without all the fat. And who would've guessed that all those good-for-you vitamins and minerals are in there, too? This may be the best thing to fill a snack bowl since corn was first popped. Even our kernels are special - the plumpest and most tender kernels ever raised on a farm. Lovingly air-popped before they're dressed in our premium chocolate malt coating. So dim the lights and cue the movie! We believe that everyone should be able to choose products that fit a full, healthy lifestyle and contain only the finest, all-natural ingredients. This popcorn represents our dedication to being A Healthy Family of Snacks. Like us on Facebook. 70% less fat than other popcorn. Excellent source of vitamins A, C, D2, E & B1. Good source of vitamins B3 & B6. Made in the USA.