Nothin But Granola Cookie Bites, Cinnamon + Raisin

Non GMO. Certified gluten free. No filler, GMO's, artificial sweeteners or bozo ingredients! The sweet spot of snacking. Hack your snack. Crave-worthy taste. Our Granola Cookie Bites are well-rounded with wholesome goodness, featuring Crave-worthy ingredients like nuts, oats, chocolate and fruit. What's not to love? These tender little bites are great as a snack on their own or easily crumbled over your favorite yogurt, cereal or ice cream for a bonus treat. Snacking is my raisin d'etre. Function and indulgence. Mindful and mmmm. Nothin' But snacks you and your taste buds can agree on. Facebook: nothin but foods. Instagram: (at)nothinbutfoods.