Elsas Story Cookies, Lemon Butter

No preservatives. No trans fat. No food coloring. Elsa's story. Taste. Enjoy. Remember. The aroma of fresh baking plays on the sea breeze, bare feet leave imprints on the warm sand, and starched sheets reflect the afternoon sun. Trees cast blue shade in the yard and in the distance the sound of creaking floorboards and the rustle of leaves can be heard. Collecting seashells on the shore in the morning light, embroidering initials on white pillowcases, sipping tea from tall glasses, chatting idly with no need to rush anywhere and watching the world gently turning, this is the best of all days, sitting with Elsa's handmade pastries and enjoying the quiet rhythms of life. Kosher dairy under the supervision of Rabbinate Nahariya. Manufactured in Israel.