Chuao Chocolatier Milk Chocolate, Cinnamon Cereal Smooch

All natural. Scrumptious cinnamon toast cereal spooning in milk chocolate. Gourmet handcrafted chocolate. Chef: Michael Antonorsi. Est. 2002. The experience - from Saturday morning cartoons to midnight snacks, we've always had a thing for cereal. And, since the only thing better than cereal is cereal and chocolate, we've kissed our decadent milk chocolate with sweet nibbles of crushed, all natural cinnamon toast cereal. So, don't be shy; lean in for you Cinnamon Cereal Smooch. At Chuao, we say if it's not a wow, it's not a chew-wow! My story - in my 30's I left a successful tech career in Venezuela to chase my passion for food, all the way in culinary school in Paris. I followed my heart, and discovered that it was made of chocolate. My mission is to spread joy to all by crafting chocolate experiences that arouse your senses. Enjoy my blend of the world's finest cacao and discover the magic of Chuao. With Pleasure, - Chef Michael Antonorsi, Master Chocolatier. Free of: hydrogenated fats; artificial preservatives; artificial colors & flavors; artificial sweeteners. Ethically sourced cacao. 100% natural. Treat yourself. Spreading joy since 2002.