The Real Deal Snacks Restaurant Style Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

The Real Deal Snacks Restaurant Style Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. Made with organic corn. 21g whole grain per serving. Non GMO project. Verified. Certified GF Gluten-Free™. Lightly sprinkled with sea salt. Real good. As far back as we can remember we've worked our Corriere family farm in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. And market day was the time to truck our bounty to the town-square market in Easton. In 1946 my father and his brothers decided to take it up a notch and produce crunchy snacks. This was real farm goodness from our fields made into wholesome, great tasting snacks in the traditional way. Back then it was actually delivered in old-fashioned tin cans. Now we guarantee the freshest product possible in the modern-day packaging you see on the shelf. Always looking for new snacks, my family was one of the first to offer com chips and tortilla chips. And party mix was our original invention. It's a family commitment to always use the best ingredients and traditional processes to produce wholesome, great tasting snacks. So, when you reach for the real deal snacks you know you have it. The real deal is real good. Bill Corriere, JI. True blue. We've combined the best ingredients to create a healthful, delicious, good-for-you snack that you can feel good about. Made with organic corn. Non-GMO. Gluten free. Kosher. 21g of whole grain per serving. Certified organic by: Pennsylvania certified organic.