Hinode White Medium Grain Calrose Rice 20 lb

Rice is naturally: Gluten free; sodium free; fat free. Cholesterol free. Non GMO (GMO Free sourcing goal. See CalRice.org for annual seed test results). Hawaii’s oldest & favorite rice brand. Est 1934. US no. 1 extra fancy. Hinode Calrose White rice is a sticky, japonica variety that has thrived in Mediterranean climates for thousands of years. It is a staple part of meals prepared daily throughout the Pacific. Make enough for your family and some extra to share a plate with your friends. Hinode (Hee-no-day; meaning rising sun) has been farming authentic texture and taste into every grain since 1934. www.hinoderice.com. Toll free customer service (855) 544-6633. Please dispose of this packaging carefully. Keep your country beautiful. Grown in USA. Product of USA.