Fun catnip filled streamer ball offers hours of chewing pleasure. Dental to satisfy. For cats that love to chew! Three fabric textures for variety in chew. Floppy streamer movement attracts kitty. Lightweight size is perfect to carry, bat and chase. Products with purpose. Guide to your cat's dental needs. To Freshen Breath: Providing toys that incorporate materials that naturally freshen breath. To help freshen breath in cats of all ages. To help prevent tooth decay that leads to bad breath. To Satisfy: Providing toys that are interesting and difficult to destroy. For cats that have a strong desire to chew. To help provide more appropriate chew toys and help distract cats from chewing cords, strings, etc that can be unsafe. For Dental Health: Providing toys that help enhance health of teeth, gums and jaws. To help clean teeth and remove soft tartar as cat chews. To soothe tender gums. To exercise jaw muscles and maintain strength. Solutions to your cat's dental needs. Made in China.