Blue Evolution Penne, with Superfood Seaweed

Premium wheat & seaweed pasta. Good source of iron. Non GMO. Back to the source. We put seaweed in your pasta! Welcome to a new evolution in pasta! This unexpected fusion of land and sea combines the finest Montana durum wheat with Blue Evolution Superfood Seaweed. The result is delicious Penne, with perfect pasta texture and a delicate taste to toss with your favorite sauce. - The Blue Evolution Family. The Blue Evolution Vision: Regenerating ocean resources for future generations and satisfying growing demand for healthy seaweed products. Blue Evolution is committed to creating exceptionally delicious everyday foods you love with the added benefit of nutrient-dense seaweeds. We meticulously harvest all of our own seaweed, so you know where it comes from and how it's processed. Seaweed is a cause for hope and celebration when you serve it at your table. We aspire to make our seaweed farms not just sustainable, but regenerative, contributing to the restoration of coastal ecosystems and communities. Welcome to the Blue Evolution Family! Visit us at 100% recycled paper. Printed with vegetable based inks. All materials, including window, are biodegradable. FSC Certified: Recycled packaging.