Natural Value Paper Cups, Hot/Cold

Live well. Spend less. Microwave safe. Contains at least 20% pre-consumer paper fibers. Manufactured using a dioxin-free bleaching process. BPA-free. Drink up! The responsible cup! Natural Value has been sourcing top-of-the-line sustainable products for nearly twenty years. Our BPA-free, recyclable paper cups are no different. With 20% pre-consumer paper fibers, our cups are microwave safe, and are perfect for hot or cold drinks. Manufactured using a dioxin-free bleaching process, our Natural Value Paper Cups feature an FDA-approved polymer coating on the outside. Cups may be recycled if you have access to a recycler that accepts paper plastic products containing food residue and compostables. Cups may be processed in commercial composting facilities. Such facilities may not be available in your area. Made in USA.