NatureZway Perforated Towels, Bamboo

10.57 in x 12 in (27 cm x 30.48 cm) each sheet. Made from 100% bamboo. Reusable & washable. Super absorbent. Tree free. Chlorine free. Biodegradable. The ecoway. Eco friendly. Socially responsible. Panda friendly. 100% bamboo. Dye & fragrance free. 100% plant based. Hypoallergenic. Pesticide free. Panda Approved: We use bamboo which is not food source of Pandas. Toss away. Guilt free. Feel good about your choice to reduce waste and use bamboo, an easily renewable resource which uses less water, less land and no pesticides, all while saving you and your family money. Your every purchase of this product. Naturezway will make a donation to help the homeless. For more information, please visit our website at FSC: 100% Bamboo from well-managed forests. Made in China.