Grab Green Laundry Detergent, Delicate, HE, Fragrance Free

24 loads. Blended for sensitive skin. Gentle on fine fabrics. Enhances softness. Non-toxic. Naturally-derived ingredients. Biodegradable. Phosphate free. Dye free. Specifically formulated for HE & Standard machines. Why Grab? Pre-measured pods; convenient; easy to carry; no mess + no waste; all temperatures; HE compatible. Why Green? Non-toxic; naturally-derived ingredients; no animal testing; no optical brighteners; dye free + phosphate free; safe for septic systems. Soda ash - natural mineral water softener. Sodium metasilicate - natural mineral detergent builder which aids in cleaning & softening. Sodium citrate - mineral used to aid cleaning. Silica - Mineral based anti-caking agent. Non-ionic surfactant - corn & palm kernel oil cleaning agent. Amphoteric surfactant - coconut oil based emulsifier. Borax - natural mineral cleaning agent. No need to open the pods. Water soluble pod film completely dissolves in cold or hot water, quickly releasing & activating the detergent to clean clothes. No mess + no clean up.