All Laundry Detergent

40 Loads. With Stainlifters. Safety lifts tough stains. Removes 99 stains! Why not 100? Well, we probably deal with 100 stains (and more) but to be honest, we thought 99 would cover it for most people and most washes. Here Are a selection of the Stains All Can Tackle: Kids Stuff - Baby food; Chocolate milk; Crayons; Butterscotch; Mud; Ketchup; Markers; Red clay; Pizza sauce; Top soil; White glue. Getting Personal - Blood; Blush; Liquid eye liner; Lip liner; Lipstick; Mouthwash; Toothpaste. Dirty Dinners - Apple sauce; Balsamic vinegar; BBQ sauce; Beets; Black beans; Chili; Green pea soup; Gravy; Guacamole; Honey BBQ wings; Jerk seasoning; Molasses; Olive Oil; Mushroom soup; Pesto sauce; Teriyaki sauce; Salsa; Tomato soup. We don't use phosphorus. This package contains 40 loads when measured by weight. The precise number of uses from each package will vary somewhat with the size of wash load, method of measurement and the settling during shipment. Made in U.S.A.