E-Cloth Home Cleaning Cloth Set 1 ea

Home Cleaning Set, 8 Cloths: Window cleaning cloth: 15.5in x 15.5in, glass & polishing cloth: 16in x 20in, dusting cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in, range & stovetop cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in, stainless steel cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in, bathroom cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in, kitchen cloth: 12.5in x 12.5in. Just add water. Removes over 99% of bacteria. A healthier to clean, E-Cloth is enough. Essentials 8 Cloth Home Cleaning Set: The 8 cloths in the E-Cloth Home Cleaning Set are a real commitment to chemical free cleaning at great value. All the cloths remove grease, dirt and over 99% of bacteria - with just water. Easy cleans with just water. Efficient removes over 99% of bacteria. Effective gets rid of thick grease and dirt. Environmental requires no chemicals. Ecological save on cleaning products. What's inside: 1 large waffle-weave window cloth, 2 glass & polishing cloths (Alaskan blue), 1 stainless steel cloth, 1 kitchen cloth, 1 bathroom cloth, 1 range & stovetop cloth, 1 dusting cloth. Excellent on: a variety of surfaces-cloths to clean worktops, appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, windows - and all the rest of the house. Even your devices 8 specialist cloths to remove grease and dirt from all hard surfaces in the home and to leave surfaces streak-free and gleaming. Everything you need to start chemical free cleaning - the power is in the fibres. What makes E-Cloth different from other cloths? Premium macrofibres: This cloth has 3.1 million of them per square inch, split on a microscopic level, they break up and grab grease, dirt and bacteria - and remove it from surfaces. Why is E-Cloth healthier? E-Cloth avoids the need to cover your home with chemicals. So the only thing you'll have left on your skin is water, and the only thing you'll breathe in is air. AllergyUK allergy friendly product. 3 Year Promise: You can wash these cloths (The Dusting Cloth should be washed at up to 30 degrees C (cold) only.) 300 times at up to 90 degrees C (hot). With weekly washing, they will last you 3 years That's a promise. www.e-cloth.com. Tel: 800-677-4354. Made in Indonesia.