The perfect scrubbing sponge. Fights bacteria odor, mold & mildew. Try me! You'll be hooked! Nearly 10x stronger to last longer! (In laboratory tests vs. the leading competitor.) Powerful non-scratch scrubber. Bacteria odor-resistant sponge. Why am I a fish? I dive deep into tight places; I fit perfectly in your hand; I stand on my tail to drain and dry quickly. What do I clean? Glasses; pots; greasy pans; sinks and counters; sensitive surfaces. Technology Makes It Perfect: Finally the scrubbing sponge you've been waiting for: Clean Room Technology makes DishFish Dual powerful, super absorbent, and nearly 10x stronger (in laboratory tests vs. the leading competitor) to last longer. Plus, it inhibits stains, odors, mold, and mildew to stay cleaner. Powerful, non-scratch scrubbing; cuts through tough messes; resists bacteria odors-naturally. PowerCell Technology. ForeverFresh Foam. Smells fresh and clean. Blocks food and stains. Fights bacteria odor with added anti-microbial. 100% recyclable packaging. Packaged in Texas. Proudly packaged in the USA.