The ultimate dish-cleaning too. Resists bacteria odors - naturally. Try me! You'll be hooked! PowerCell Technology. What do I clean? Glasses; pots; greasy pans; sinks; sensitive surfaces. Why am I a fish? I dive deep into tight places; I fit perfectly in your hand; I clean cutlery with my gill. What's a DishFish? The revolutionary new dish-cleaning tool with the ergonomic shape that introduces PowerCell Technology for powerful, scratch-free scrubbing - even on your most sensitive surfaces. Long-Lasting Power: Powerful, open-cell structure cuts through tough messes in warm water, and even tougher messes in cold water! Flexible and Scratch-Free: Soft, pliable material resists breakdown, flexes when wet, and won't scratch - wet or dry. Resists Bacteria Odors-Naturally: Flow-through cells quickly release water, food, and grease to resist bacterial odors. Stand me on my tail to drain in minutes and stay fresh & dry! 100% recyclable packaging. Made in Thailand.