Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Party Play Set 1 ea

Ages 3+ Years. Create slice & serve. Create made-to-order pizza with wooden toppings, slice the 6-piece pizza with the rolling slicer, and serve up pretend play fun. Count On It: Have kids count the pieces of pizza as they put them together on the serving plate. Have kids place one topping on each slice of pizza while counting aloud. As counting skills develop, have them place two or three toppings on each piece as they count aloud. Rainbow Review: Help kids identify the colors on the pieces of the play set. Place a piece in front of kids and ask them to go on a treasure hunt to find other objects in the room that have matching colors. Half & Whole: Start with all six pieces of the pizza together on the plate. Have kids count the pieces, and then remove three of them. Have kids stack the three removed pieces on top of pieces on the plate (one on each piece) so they can see they are equal amounts. Talk about the concepts of equal, half, and whole. Peppers & Mushrooms: Turn the pepperoni, mushroom, and pepper pieces face-down, shuffle them together on a play surface and arrange them neatly in a grid pattern. Two players take turns flipping over one piece at a time, adding the mushrooms and peppers to the pizza. If a player flips over a pepperoni piece, the player loses a turn! The player who places the last topping on the pizza wins. Party Time: Play pizza party! Have kids make a pizza for a special occasion (a birthday, 4th of July, last day of school, etc.). Specify the toppings that should go on the pizza (Half plain and half pepperoni and mushrooms, please). Have kids talk about what they are celebrating and shave them cut pieces of pizza for all the guests. TSCA Title VI compliant for formaldehyde. Melissa & Doug products meet or exceed all US toy testing standards and pass our high quality requirements. We feedback! Call us: 1-800.284.3948 (hashtag)CountlessWaysToPlay. Made in China.