Fuller Foods Cheesy Puffs, Serious, Blue Cheese & Jalapeno

Absurdly large baked corn puffs. Two bite puff (actual size). Wholesome ingredients. Made with Bob's red mill corn. Certified Gluten free. Non GMO. It's not easy being so cheesy! According to legend, Jack, our founder, was inspired to build his own micropuffery due to the lack of decent puffs on the market back then and the TV show, How It's Made. Our strict Farm to Puff sourcing ethic is far beyond industry norms and we only feature honest ingredients like Bob's Red Mill corn, real bold flavors, and absolutely no weird stuff. We hope you will enjoy and cheers! Farm to Puff Ingredients: Made with non-GMO corn from Bob's Red Mill 100% hormone-free cheese, and real seasonings. No Weird Stuff: So-called natural flavors? Nope. Maltodextrin? No way. Yeast or MSG? Never. Preservatives? Nada. Baked, Not Fried: Less oil, less fat, and more crunchy goodness. Absurdly Large Puffs: Because bigger is better. Bold Flavors: Unique flavors that will knock your socks off, if you're wearing them. Try both blue cheese and Sriracha puffs at the same time for a buffalo wing flavor! Proud member of the Good Food guild. fullerfoods.com. Product of USA.