Dignity Raw Coconut Oil

Dignity Raw Coconut Oil. Organic virgin coconut oil. USDA Organic. Non-Hexane. Non-Hydrogenated. Unrefined. 15 fl oz, 443 ml. Because how we make it matters. Raw=not cooked or processed. Our unique raw method keeps our oil below 120°F. We don't heat it. We don't refine it. We give you every bit of healthy goodness. You have in your hands the most pure & delicious virgin coconut oil a jar can hold! Coconut Oil is a great substitute for cooking, baking, frying & sauteing needs as well as an excellent natural moisturizer for your skin and hair! Conversion: 1 tbsp oil/butter=1 tbsp coconut oil. No refrigeration necessary. Non-GMO. Organic Certified by Ceres. See more at www.dignitycoconuts.com.