SweetLeaf Sugar Leaf Stevia and Raw Cane Sugar

100% natural mix of SweetLeaf Stevia and raw cane sugar. Perfect to sweeten, cook and bake with every day! 2/3 less calories than sugar. Delicious sugary taste! 2010-2011 annual global stevia products award winner. Three times as sweet as sugar so you use less! 1 cup sugar = 1/3 cup SugarLeaf; 1 tsp sugar = 1/3 tsp SugarLeaf; 1 tbsp sugar = 1/3 tbsp SugarLeaf. SugarLeaf is a 100% natural low-calorie sweetener perfect to baking and all your cooking needs. Made by bonding SweetLeaf Stevia with raw cane sugar, SugarLeaf offers a delightfully sweet taste with 2/3 less calories and carbohydrates than sugar! 100% natural. Non-GMO. No chemicals, sugar alcohols, erythritol or maltodextrin. Low in calories. Delicious sweet taste. Browns like sugar. SugarLeaf lets you whip up naturally sweet creations with the characteristics of sugar but only a fraction of the calories. Favorite old recipes become new again - but only your waistline will know the difference. SweetLeaf Stevia is extracted from the stevia plant using only cool, purified water and has zero calories, zero carbohydrates, zero glycemic index and zero chemicals. Product of the USA.