Spicely Peppermint, Organic

Organic spices. USDA organic. Certified gluten-free. 100% certified organic. All natural, salt free. 100% vegan. Price group EE. No MSG. No artificial color. No preservatives. No sugar. Non-genetically modified. Non-irradiated. No peanuts, soybeans, milk, eggs, fish, crustacea, tree nuts and wheat or derivatives. Produced from only whole herbs and spices. Customer service phone 510-440-1044. Low fat recipes please visit www.Spicely.com. Certified organic by Global Culture. www.Globalculture.us. 0.25% of our sales goes to selected charities to help children without homes. Printed on recycled paper. Peppermint, or menthe piperita has a sharp yet sweet aroma and is a natural breath freshener. Try it as beverage tea or on almost any dish.