Montana Mex Seasoning 2.4 oz

Take my top off and pinch me. Ideas: Rub into meats or sprinkle on eggs & potatoes. Dust on fresh fish with a squeeze of lemon. Mix with orange juice to use as a marinade. It's so hard identifying with people these days - so just to be clear, I'm not the red dust from Mars and I am certainly not spicy! I'm a delicious little seasoning with a perfect balance of red chiles and sea salt that will make our food pop! So give me a go on pretty much everything - it's time to get creative! For recipe ideas & coupons say hello on Facebook - Facebook /montanamex. For competitions & new products follow us around on Twitter - Twitter (at)montanamex. Chef Eduardo Garcia is the MontanaMex emperor of flavor & chief recipe creator - enjoy his sea salt Super seasonings on all your culinary creations - see him in action at For Best Before: Peek at my bottom (best make sure no one's looking). We will give 5% of profits to support progressive charities & projects. Like my bottom? You should see me with my top off. I'm a product of the USA.