Stubb's Cookin' Sauce 12 oz

Contains cooking sauce and spice pack. Makes 4+ meals. All natural. For skillet or slow cooker. Made right with bourbon, garlic and rosemary. Where it All Began: Stubb's original restaurant, Lubbock, Texas - est. 1968. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a cook, is how C.B. (Stubb) Stubblefield introduced himself. But he was more than that; he loved making great tasting food on the grill or in the kitchen. Stubb was proud to put his heart and soul into every recipe and it was this passion that inspired Stub Cookin' Sauce Crafted with all natural, gluten-free ingredients. Stubb's Cookin' Sauce makes dinner tasty and simple by bringing the legendary flavors of Stubb's into your home. Made with love & happiness. Made with real ingredients. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a cook. - C.B. Stubbfield. Born here. Since 1968. Certified gluten-free. Made in the USA.