Chakas Sauce & Marinade, Premium

All natural. Natural recipe. For table, kitchen & grilling use. Its versatility is unlimited. Marinade: Ribs, chops, steaks, roasts, turkey, chicken, fish, or vegetables. Condiments: Use as a steak sauce or salad dressing. Add over rice, potatoes, pasta or eggs. Dip your egg rolls, fresh vegetables, chips, shellfish, etc. Saute: Mushroom, scallops, shrimp or chicken, etc. Spice: Add to meatloaf, stew, casseroles, chip or dip or stir fry recipe. For recipes & more information see our website. No sugars or oils. Chaka's MMM Sauce was originally created in a small California kitchen using an old family recipe. Chaka's fat free, sugar free, dairy free marinade and premium sauce was shared with family and friends. With rave reviews and encouragement, he began bottling his unique product in 1989. Chaka's MMM Sauce contains only the highest quality ingredients to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods. Whether you're cooking with meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables you can taste the difference in your first bite. Reach us at 1(800) 88-Chaka.