Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water 750 ml

Typical Analysis: pH7.7, TDS 84 mg/L, Silica 37 mg/, Calcium 6 mg/L, Magnesium 3 mg/L, Potassium 2 mg/L. Ph 7.7 alkaline. Bottled of the source. Hawaiian Springs. Know your source Hawai'i, the most isolated landmass on earth, is a paradise, where heavenly rainfall is naturally filtered through pristine lava rock, creating a water as soft and sweet as the Lehua blossom. Some call it a dream - we call it home. So wherever you are, refresh your spirit, rejuvenate your soul and embrace Hawaiian springs. Ka Wai Oal. The water for life. For water quality and information, icluding a bottled water report contact 1-808-685-7958. 30% rPET post consumer recycled content. BPA free. Please recycle. Water Origin: Kea'au Island of Hawai.