Boxed Water is Better Water 16.9 oz

Water: Our proprietary multi-step purification and quality assurance process delivers pure hydration, free of any contaminants or things you don't need. Our water is refreshing and absolutely pure. Our box is a sustainable option. 74% of it is paper made from trees, a renewable resource. Those trees come from well managed forests where new trees are continuously planted to replace the ones used and they also remove CO2 from the atmosphere. The way we ship our boxes help minimize our carbon footprint. They ship flat to our filler which is more efficient compared to shipping empty plastic or glass bottles to be filled. Our boxes are recyclable at participating facilities. 1% for the planet. We work with 1% For the Planet to donate at least 1% of annual revenue to reforestation and world water relief. Our water is purified by reverse osmosis. For water quality and information contact 1-844-429-3987. This container is BPA free. hello. (at)boxedwater.