Numi Organic Tea, Presence, No Caffeine, Bags

Mellow & cooling bamboo leaves meet fresh mint & lemongrass. Embracing holistic well-being. Herbal teasan/no caffeine. USDA Organic. Together for h2ope. Fair Trade Certified Ingredients. Certified B Corporation. This product is gluten-free. Certified Organic by QAI. In our over-stimulating world, it is difficult to stay in the moment. We are often doing one thing while thinking of something else. Ultimate joy comes when we are present and not thinking about the future or the past. When we are fully engaged, we become more patient, lessen our expectations, and free our minds, leading to greater happiness. Presence Practice (throughout the day). Meditation is the act of observing our thoughts. Our thoughts are busy, wander, and are easily distracted. Throughout your day, practice the act of mono-tasking. in other words, while showering, only shower. While washing dishes, only do that. Be aware or the thoughts or emotions that come in, gently acknowledge them. let them go, and return to the task at hand. Give yourself an electronics-free day once a week. Your purchase helps us support together for h2ope. A non-profit initiative that provides clean drinking water to our farming communities around the world. Bamboo Leaf: is dried and roasted like tea and sipped in traditional Chinese medicine. Known for its fast growth and flexibility, bamboo contains vegetative silica, an abundant mineral found in healthy bones, nails, hair and skin. As one of the most utilized and versatile plants on the planet, bamboo is highly regarded for its many benefits. Spearmint: is an herbaceous perennial with short stems and broad leaves native to Europe and Asia. Herbalists use it for its soothing properties to mellow the mind and gently relax the body, promoting calm, ease, and focus. Premium organic teas & herbs. Real fruits, flowers spices no natural flavors or fragrances. Presence: Citrus murmurings of lemongrass quiet as they touch a kiss or spearmint in this clean, crisp mellow blend. Both have a cooling effect, allowing you to still your mind and be present. Bamboo is slightly grassy while blueberry leaf purifies, promoting calm and mental clarity. A touch of earthiness settles and centers you into awareness with each simple sip. 34% Fair Trade Certified ingredients. Eco-responsibility Audit Through Thoughtful Choices, Numi Annually Conserves: 9,037 trees; 581,216 lbs of landfill; 4, 787 mil (000) btu energy; 4,052,564 gallons water; 817, 335 net greenhouse emissions. Environmental impact estimates were made using the environmental paper network calculator. For more information visit: info(at) Printed with soy ink. Please be thoughtful and recycle!