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Herbal Tea Supplement. Helps improve digestion. Ayurvedic balanced tea. Enjoy healing herbs in a cup! Caffeine free. At times we over eat and ignore our diet. This overindulgence can cause discomfort and pain. This can be due to eating too much, a wrong combination of food and drink, different time zones, or in extreme cases, eating unusual or exotic foods and drinks. Most cultures have various cures or remedies for upset stomach, indigestion, bloating, and digestive problems, using herbs and spices. Digestion tea is blended with these herbs: Ginger is used by many cultures as food or spice to help digestion, stagnation and other stomach ailments. Coriander is used as a spice, in foods, as a digestive helper, for indigestion, flatulence and bloating. Spearmint is well known for its use in indigestion, stomach cramps, and upset stomach and for its cooling effects. Ajwain is used in ayurveda as a cure for digestive disorders and to detoxify the body. Drink this tea as warm as possible without any sweetener. Since the beginning of time, every culture has had a brew of some sort made from herbs, spices, flowers or fruit. This was loosely called tea. It was a custom to serve this tea to visitors, family, friends or even strangers who were passing through, as a gesture of welcome, friendliness, or wellness. Some cultures had tea rituals to honor the benefits of certain herbs or plants. Each culture or region had its own distinctive blends or brews and the tea was respectfully served in a special healing cup. These herbal cups of tea were believed to have healing or curative powers. Healing tea formulas were used as a remedy to cure or heal in times of plagues, epidemics or widespread outbreaks of illness. These tea formulas were also valued as remedies for minor disorders and imbalances that occurred in everyday life. These secret formulas were only known to master herbalists and were handed down to those healers who had mastered the art and knowledge of healing with herbs. As the tea brewed, the healer would sometimes enhance the tea with prayer, meditation or chanting. Gifted healers and their herbal brews were much sought after, and many folk stories around the power of the herbal cup became legend. It is with this healing knowledge that we bring herbal cup. Enjoy healing herbs in a cup! www.herbalcuptea.com. Please recycle this box. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.) Proudly made in the USA.