Hawaiian Island Tropical Black Tea, Mango Maui

All natural. Artistry in tea. Mango Maui Tea - Delightful tropical mango flavor and leaves of C. sinensis combine to create a tea as refreshing as Maui's cool mountain uplands and warm sun-kissed beaches. Mango: The world's most delicious fruit. Experience with each sip the enticing aroma and rich juicy essence of mango. Maui: Paradise is a beautiful place, tropical beaches and an island pace. A place where lazy souls can loaf all day, with drink or book in a relaxing way. And deep and cool is the broad lanai, the place to sit as the day slips by. Idling as the sun-gold hours pass, while sipping from an iced tea glass. Our Tea Leaves - Hand picked camellia sinensis leaves withered, rolled and fully processed by orthodox methods into a superior black tea. The result is a quality tea with unique flavor and smooth taste that blends remarkably well with exotic tropical fruits to create our fragrant and flavorful teas.