HAWAIIAN ISLAND Tropical Black Tea 20 ea

All natural. Artistry in tea. Passion Fruit Na Pali Tea - Experience the taste of C. sinensis tea leaves romanced by the Passion Fruit's bold adventuresome flavor. A tea as magnificent as Kauai's Na Pali coast. Passion Fruit: The taste of the tropics. Sip the exotic fragrance and unique flavor or Passion Fruit. Na Pali: A paradise of golden sun and fragrant flowers, emerald mountains and rainbow showers. Sun kissed beaches with seas of blue, and striking vistas in every hue. Island breezes a sweet delight, and moonlight glistening on romantic nights. Our Tea Leaves - Hand picked camellia sinensis leaves withered, rolled and fully processed by orthodox methods into a superior black tea. The result is a quality tea with unique flavor and smooth taste that blends remarkably well with exotic tropical fruits to create our fragrant and flavorful teas.