Oregon Chai Chai Tea Latte, Sugar Free

Oregon Chai® Chai Tea Latte Sugar Free. New look! Same great taste. A delightful, sugar free blend of rich chai spices, and vanilla. Black tea concentrate. Just add milk. Splenda®. No calorie sweetener. 32 fl oz (946 ml). Our founder went on a search for inspiration, and voila! She found it in the most unexpected of places-in chai. Straight from the himalayas, enjoy the delicious taste of the first authentic chai ever brought to America. When mother nature is happy we're happy. Learn more at oregonchai.com/earth. Let yourself fall under the spell of our Sugar Free blend of premium black tea, authentic black tea, authentic chai spices, and vanilla. Splendiferous - and totally guilt free. Because after all, that's what a Me Time chai latte is all about, right We believe in using organic and natural ingredients whenever humanly possible. Gluten free. Tetra Pak® Protects what's good For delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes you can make with Oregon Chai® Visit our Oregon Chai website. Please recycle. Recyclable only where facilities exist. Visit recyclecartons.com to see if recyclable in your area. Oregon Chai® is a registered trademark of Oregon Chai, Inc. Let's talk Chai. metime@oregonchai.com. www.oregonchai.com.