Pacific Foods Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk 32.000 fl oz

Enjoy plant-based deliciousness with Pacific Foods® Unsweetened Vanilla Hemp Milk. This dairy free milk substitute is crafted with hemp seed and natural vanilla flavor. The result is a deliciously creamy lactose free milk alternative that’s a pleasure to drink by the glass and blends perfectly in recipes. Use this non dairy milk substitute on cereal, in smoothies and or as a replacement for dairy milk when baking. Made with non-GMO ingredients, our vegan milk alternative is an excellent source of omega 3 ALA and a good source of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D per 1-cup serving. Each 32 oz shelf stable carton contains approximately 4 servings of hemp milk and is specially designed to lock in flavor. Pacific Foods'® line of plant based milk alternatives also includes beverages made with almonds, oats, coconut and cashews. At Pacific Foods®, we're dedicated to making the most nourishing foods possible from quality, carefully sourced ingredients.