Sportwtr Electrolyte Beverage 16 oz

2 g sugar per serving; 15 calories per serving. 2 g of natural sugar (from watermelon) per serving. Certified gluten-free. Electrolytes (potassium & sea salt). L-citrulline (Amino acid). Vitamin C & lycopene (antioxidants). Non GMO Project verified. Healthy hydration. 0 artificial sweeteners. 25% juice. We don't believe there's one way to Sport. To Sport is when you need hydration the most-on a field, court, dancefloor or in your home. How you Sport is up to you. It's personal. Game on! Our delicious & hydrating enhanced WTRMLN SportWTR brings you all the thirst quenching goodness of the superplant watermelon for all your hydration occasions. How do you sport? More electrolytes, less sugar. Electrolytes. Antioxidants. Happiness. Hello electrolytes! Please recycle.