Drazil Kids Tea, Yummy Berry

A delicious blend of herbal teas infused with fruit juices. Caffeine-free. Fair Trade Certified herbal teas. New! 100% vitamin C. No sugar added. Natural source of antioxidants. 8 pack. Naturally caffeine-free herbal teas sweetened with an infusion of fruit juices - refreshing, delicious & oh-so-healthy! Comparison Chart Per Serving: Regular Berry 100% Juice: 100 calories; 23 g sugars. Drazil Kids Tea Yummy Berry: 50 calories; 14 g sugars. All sugar comes naturally from the fruit. All natural. Gluten free. HFCS free. Dairy free. This product is pasteurized. Visit Drazilfoods.com. Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA.