Not just a cup, but a just cup. Organic + Fair Trade. I like coffee ice cream. I enjoy milk chocolate. I prefer cashew nuts best. My favorite fruit is apricot, with peach and mango close by. Oaky cabernet is my favorite red wine, preferably from a Mendocino County winery. When it comes to coffee, I choose to drink a brew that reflects my favorite fruits, nuts, chocolate and ice cream. To achieve this sort of perfection, I select light and medium roasted beans from regions that wet-process their cherries and sun dry the beans. The blend changes with seasons and availability, but the taste remains sweet and fruity with hints of cashew and chocolate. - Paul Katzeff, co-founder & CEO. The way to great coffee flavor is not direct. The path must be traveled with great care and attention. The way becomes a path, the path a road, and then, magically, the road becomes a highway that leads to the people who cultivate the land from which the coffee derives its special flavor. How does one find this path? Through caring. One does not search so much for the road that leads to the tree, as for the road that leads to the heart. This is the secret. - Paul Katzeff, co-founder & roastmaster. There is magic inside this package, only you can let it out! Fair Trade certified. USDA organic. Certified organic by OCIA.