American Birding Association. Certified organic. Fair Trade certified. Shade coffee saves migratory songbird habitat. This coffee was grown in the shade of the rainforest. It tastes better because the coffee berries matured slowly. It is coffee that shares a habitat with songbirds. In fact, shade grown coffee farms are second only to undisturbed rainforests as the best habitat for migrating birds. Buying shade grown coffee helps save trees for millions of birds that would otherwise have no place to live. Coffee grown in full sun requires chemical fertilizers and herbicides because shade trees are removed to increase yields. Studies in Mexico and Columbia found 97% fewer bird species in sun coffee than in shade grown coffee. To stop this trend, and send a strong message to growers that we understand the negative effect of sun grown coffee on migratory birds, we are spearheading a nationwide movement for consumers to request shade grown coffee. Shade grown coffee is for bird lovers who love coffee. USDA organic. Certified organic by OCIA. French Roast Blend: This rich full-bodied French Roast contains the best coffees from shade farms in Central America. We use shade grown beans from Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. We buy directly from village cooperatives so growers receive the premium price that their coffees merit. These high quality beans, plus the art and craft of our roastmaster have created this superb coffee.