GoToob Travel Tube 3 ea

3-Pack: sky blue, clear, lime green. 2 fl oz (60 ml). The civilized, squeezable travel tube. Carry-on approved. Soft = easy dispensing. Rugged. Handy suction cup. No-drip valve. Food-safe. 100% BPA-free. Shampoo. Conditioner. Soap. Condiments. Lotion. Sunscreen. Special sauce. Magic potions. Mark the Contents: Window identifies popular contents. Lift and rotate collar to soap, sun, etc. Snap back in place. Easy Fill and Clean: Large opening for easy filling and cleaning. Food-safe. BPA-free. Suction for Handy Access: Close cap & wet cup. Push hard against smooth surface. (Note: suction is temporary only.) Lifetime warranty. No-drip valve helps cap stay clean. Please recycle package card. Pretty please. With sugar on top. Phthalate-free. BPA-free. PC-free. Designed by humangear in San Francisco, California, USA. Assembled in China.