Gaiam Stability Ball Kit 1 ea

Build core strength. Improve posture. Strength, right down to the core. Stability Ball increases muscle activation to build strength in the core and back. Three Workouts. Renowned instructor Suzanne Deason leads three strength-building and stress-relieving practices. Work your way to your best self. Our bodies are amazing. They run, jump, dodge and warrior-pose through everything life throws at them. And sometimes they need a little TLC. At Gaiam, we know the importance of strong, healthy bodies. That's why our Gaiam Restore line has all the tools you need to prevent injury and rejuvenate to full-body healing. So you can stretch, massage, strengthen and flex your way to the strong, powerful, amazingly healthy person you were always meant to be. Gaiam Restore. Say yes to a stronger, healthier you. Acclaimed yoga and Pilates instructor Suzanne Deason delivers three Stability Ball workouts designed to strengthen the core, increase flexibility and improve balance - all important components to developing a strong healthy back. Daily Stretch: Release muscle tension with this low-impact daily stretch routine. (15 minutes). Daily Workout: Designed for beginners yet suitable for all fitness levels, this program helps build muscle and improve posture, coordination and body awareness. (45 minutes). Simple Stress Relief: Stay on track and centered throughout the day with these short, yet effective exercises on the Stability Ball. (6 minutes). Visit: for a downloadable guide. Connect with Us: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube. Includes: 3 downloadable workouts; 65 CM stability ball; ball pump. Anti-Burst Ball Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Made in China.