Kinders Sandwich, Sirloin Steak

2 individually wrapped sandwiches. Tossed in Kinder's mild BBQ sauce. Grab n' go. Heat & eat. A legacy of quality. Kinder's Order Form: Meat: Sliced beef sirloin. Cheese: Cheddar cheese. Bread: Soft Vienna roll. Fully cooked. Sliced beef sirloin. Mild BBQ sauce. Soft Vienna roll. Find us online! Facebook. Twitter. Recycle please. Full freshness guaranteed until date shown if stored unopened and frozen. The taste and quality of a 65-year family legacy achieving an unmatchable BBQ flavor. Slow cooked to perfection, our thinly sliced sirloin beef steak is tossed with Kinder's Award-Winning Mild BBQ sauce, and topped with real cheddar that melts onto a fresh baked Vienna roll to make for a mouth-watering barbecue bite - ready anytime you are! Made in USA.